Media Transportation and Storage

In a world where you are living under constant attack due to software malfunctions, hardware failures, virus attacks and hackers, removable backup media (tapes and hard disks) become the last line of defense.

By moving your backup media offsite and into the care of a trusted partner that has proven experience, infrastructure and technology will greatly assist you in reducing your downtime, complying with regulation and ultimately protecting your company data.

How We Work

Before the DataBank driver arrives at your office, you log on to the DataBank TapeTrack software and notify us in advance of the barcodes on the tapes that you plan to send to DataBank (don’t worry, if you do not have barcodes, we provide them free of charge).

A DataBank driver will arrive at your office either on a daily or a weekly basis at a pre-defined hour and collect your computer backup tapes. At the same time, the drivers will return to you the set of backup tapes that you require for your next backup.

The backup tapes are then transported to the DataBank vault using a vehicle specially modified for tape transportation, which adheres to all international standards.

Upon arrival at the DataBank vault, the barcodes on the backup tapes are scanned into the DataBank TapeTrack software. This ensures that every movement of the tapes are tracked and recorded. As part of the DataBank security verification process, the customer will be notified of any discrepancy between what was entered into the TapeTrack system by the customer and what tapes actually arrived.

Every customer is allocated a dedicated zone within the vault in which only their backup tapes are stored.

DataBank customers’ have full control of their media inventory through the DataBank software system. The software is used to maintain accurate logs required for ISOX/SOX/FDA compliance, manage retention schedules and to make online requests for media to be returned.

DataBank offers a 3 Hour Service level agreement guaranteeing on demand return of your backup media. DataBank provides this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.