Secure Destruction

At the end of their lifecycle, your critical backup media, hard disks and computers must be securely and properly destroyed. You want to be confident that your sensitive information isn’t exposed, stolen or abused.

As your trusted partner, DataBank assists you in custom-tailoring a secure and cost effective information destruction program for your business,

There is Shredding and there is Secure Destruction

The DataBank’s Chain of Custody Solution is revolutionary to the Israel market. We provide our customers with enhanced tracking capabilities throughout the secure destruction process. Our closed loop system protects your materials from the time we obtain it, to the point at which we destroy it — minimizing the risk of a potential data breach. At the end of the backup media, hard disk or computer destruction process, DataBank issues a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

There is Shredding and there is Secure Destruction

  • All types of backup media including LTO, DLT, DAT and 8mm
  • All types of hard disks and servers
  • Sensitive electrical components
  • Credit cards, membership cards and identity cards